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Michelle Guthrie at the HUB

On June 6, the Meeting Hall at the HUB was full of ABC Friends and other ABC supporters to come close up and personal with Michelle Guthrie. She came across as a very friendly, open person providing answers to all the many questions fired at her from the group.

Overall the immediate audience seemed to be favourable although her defence of the dwindling standard of the ABC News bulletin seemed to be in comparison to the commercial networks, rather than acknowledging that the standard had noticeably slipped in recent years. It was observed her chatty manner whilst very amiable meant she could be conceived more like someone from a PR unit rather than a Managing Director. She spoke about audience numbers and her ideal to reach 100% of Australians every week with the ABC’s increasing diverse offerings. Something for everyone but not a lot for anyone?

Many thanks to local MP Susan Templeman for organising this event and for Michelle Guthrie to make a special trip to Springwood to talk to ABC supporters. 

If you would like to add your comments about the meeting please email media_coordinator@fabcnswbm.org.au and they will be put up on this website.

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