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What a fantastic, ABC passionate, dedicated group of Friends we have! Despite the shock outcome of the
election, collectively, we have raised awareness of the need to defend our ABC, recruited new members,
engaged one-on-one with many people and have thus made an impact in the Blue Mountains and
the Hawkesbury. Many of us participated in our Friends Campaign activities, including Springwood
Foundation Day, the Candidates Forum, flyer distribution at stations, shopping centres, letter-boxes,
pre polling centres and polling booths on the 18th. A grand effort! We are delighted Susan Templeman  retained the seat of Macquarie. Susan is pro ABC.

Susan Templeman, Labor, speaking at the Meet the Candidates Forum

Margaret with Michael Rowlands, ABC Breakfast TV, Melbourne

by Margaret Foy, Vice President, ABC Friends Blue Mountains

This was obviously going to be something big. Special, and important too.
The hype and advanced briefings, instructions and directions were very precise and unequivocal.
The excitement and advanced planning reminded me of my friends and I preparing for our day at the Toowoomba Royal Show in the 1940’s and 50’s!!
When I knew my application to attend was confirmed, I was happy to hear other members of the BMABCF were also attending. Oh joy!
At last the Big Day arrived. Naturally I missed my early train. I was going to be late. I would not be allowed inside. Frantic texts went back and forth between friends –
I would be able to attend after all. I was seated in time to hear the honoured “welcome to country”.450 members from all over the Nation filled the studio (where Q&A and The Book Club are also produced). A palpable sense of wonder and expectation filled the air. [continue reading…]