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Winter Magic 2017

The 2017 Winter Magic Festival saw a small but enthusiastic group represent ABC Friends in the parade and ran our stall. The parade was a success with lots of cheers and encouragement from a large animated crowd. Unfortunately, once again, the music box transport wheel proved a problem and much effort was required to nurse it along but it continued to pump out ABC program themes till the wheel fell off just passed the finish line.

Our stall position this year proved to be fantastic for our volunteers, beautiful sunshine for most of the day. The response from the public (except for a couple of anti ABCers) was terrific, taking bumper stickers and discussing ABC issues.

This year we used the ‘I ????ABC’ postcards addressed to the Prime Minister as our petition and it was a great success with many filling in their details – they will be delivered on their behalf. Our ABC survey also proved very popular, however some of us were surprised at the number of the ABC media platforms they rated as ‘Excellent’ despite all the ongoing cuts and changes!

Thanks to Ron for setting up and packing up again this year, to the media coordinator for all his work and to our parade participants and stall volunteers.

Go to the Gallery for more pictures.

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