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Letter to the SMH re Choice Magazine Survey

The editor in chief S.M.H Letters
Darren Goodsir,
It is difficult to accept The Choice Magazine Survey (SMH 21/4/15) is confirmation of  real public opinion across the wider spectrum of Real Australians, who can, in many cases only be aware of emergencies, events and news in regions, towns and cities in real time because of ABC/SBS. Many Australians have no  means, other than ABC/SBS  news services and broadcasts to  protect their families, homes and essential services.
I would be interested to know  where the 26 per cent of responses  were sourced by location, environment, lifestyle, age and interests. I do not know of any person in the Blue Mountains where frequent emergencies occur who were asked to participate in this survey. I would be very concerned if any further budget cuts to the ABC/SBS occurred that resulted from outcomes from a biased, narrow opinion based survey that could be considered as a mandate for discrimination and damage of an essential public service.
John Barry Redshaw