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Letter to Malcolm Turnbull

Below is a copy of an email sent by Bev Redshaw on April 21 to Malcolm Turnbull and Louise Markus, warning him of of the consequences of cutting the ABC’s funding.

Hi Mr. Turnbull,
The ABC is the ONLY MEDIA we can TRUST. All other Media is controlled by the almighty dollar.
As a member of the so called Older Generation who are only to be fed if necessary. Don’t forget our numbers are increasing be very careful what you wish for, we all vote.
Cut the funding of our ABC and you deny what it is to be Australian. I represent 8 generations of living in this country and we will not be taken for granted.
I am sorry you are not the PM.
Beverly Redshaw

You can read the reply from Louise Markus here.

Here is a link to the ABC Efficiency Study Terms of Reference referred to in the reply