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Email to Louise Markus re ABC cuts

A Blue Mountains resident shared her email to Louise Markus via Facebook

Dear Ms Markus
I am very disappointed to hear about the cuts to the ABC today. Given that the Government you serve in can find $250m for chaplains in schools and $35 billion per year to make sure wealthy people pay less tax on their superannuation, I fail to see any justification for cutting the ABC.
Our Blue Mountains area, with fires and other natural disasters, is often dependent on the ABC as our emergency broadcaster. Cuts to the news and radio divisions will have an impact on how we can get information about bushfires. After the 2013 fires, the ABC was central in telling the stories of loss, and then of recovery. No other media is able, or willing, to put this kind of commitment into the community.
Cuts to specialist radio programs on Radio National will diminish our capacity to tell our own stories about history, religion and regional Australia. On top of the previous cuts to RampUp, the ABC is being gutted of the capacity to broadcast on behalf of all of us, not just those in Sydney.
I would like to know how you, as the Member for Macquarie, justify your support for these cuts to the ABC particularly given that you stated clearly to the Blue Mountains Friends of the ABC both before the 2013 election and earlier this year that there were to be no cuts to the ABC.
I urge your swift action to fulfill your election promise that there would be no cuts of the ABC and to SBS.
E. Gibbs