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1-th4The 2016 AGM was over quickly and we welcomed a new President, Lachlan Garland. Our thanks to retiring President, Barry Redshaw for his leadership and commitment over the past two years and to retiring committee members for their support and we wish them well. Of course we must also thank those who stood for the 2017 committee (old and new faces).

Members and guests who joined us to hear Guest speaker and head of ABC News 24, Tony Hill, were given an incredible insight into the story of the ABC’s remarkable first War Correspondents during WW2.

1-picture1Drawing from his book ‘Voices from the Air’ which involved years of research of the ABC archives, interviews with families, and complimented by extraordinary front line recordings, historical photographs and correspondent’s notes, Tony spoke of the tenacity of these men, their recording equipment, the risks and hardships they faced alongside our troops. Unfortunately some recordings were lost in transit but much of the gut wrenching sounds and stories of war arrived back in Australia to be broadcast with those at home. It was an amazing hour or so.

Thanks to Megalong Books for attending giving those wishing to purchase the book the opportunity and Tony was happy to sign their copies. A special mention to the Grand View Hotel for their ongoing support of ABC Friends Blue Mountains.

More photos here

calendar_2017Printed in Australia on high-quality paper, the ABC Friends’ 2017 Calendar is a beautiful addition to any wall. With a series of stunning photographs, we bring you a subtler vision of our great country, with pictures that highlight Australia’s everyday beauty. It would make a great Christmas gift!

The Calendar is large-format, with plenty of space for you to write-in appointments and events, and includes useful and entertaining information about Our ABC. All profits from the calendar will be spent on defending the ABC’s funding and independence. More details [here]


A small number of Blue Mountains members attended the dinner where Guest Speaker, Richard Glover, entertained the diners.


Margaret Foy with outgoing NSW Treasurer and Secretary, James Buchanan


Mountains weather had not been predicted to treat us kindly on the day of the Winter Magic Festival and according to our wonderful stall set up person, Ron Fuller, at 5.30am it was very cold and wet.  At 7am-ish when we arrived it was better, although we had to set up the stall with the table inside to prevent our information being ‘dribbled’ on. Fortunately it improved from there. We were a depleted group this year due to illnesses, movings and others having lovely holidays. Our small group was still very visible and Bananas in Pyjamas (B1 Barry, B2 grandson Justin) a great success. B2 had serious trouble with his banana top and it looked like his top notch may part from the rest but he stoically persevered to the end. We did have a big disappointment when a wheel fell off the boom box pre parade. On the positive, at least it didn’t fall off half way up Katoomba Street. It did mean we had to resort to plan B, a much smaller and less powerful hand held speaker which struggled in the noisy surroundings to broadcast the wonderful ABC theme music to a very receptive crowd. We did have the music in the stall however. [continue reading…]