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A small number of Blue Mountains members attended the dinner where Guest Speaker, Richard Glover, entertained the diners.


Margaret Foy with outgoing NSW Treasurer and Secretary, James Buchanan


Mountains weather had not been predicted to treat us kindly on the day of the Winter Magic Festival and according to our wonderful stall set up person, Ron Fuller, at 5.30am it was very cold and wet.  At 7am-ish when we arrived it was better, although we had to set up the stall with the table inside to prevent our information being ‘dribbled’ on. Fortunately it improved from there. We were a depleted group this year due to illnesses, movings and others having lovely holidays. Our small group was still very visible and Bananas in Pyjamas (B1 Barry, B2 grandson Justin) a great success. B2 had serious trouble with his banana top and it looked like his top notch may part from the rest but he stoically persevered to the end. We did have a big disappointment when a wheel fell off the boom box pre parade. On the positive, at least it didn’t fall off half way up Katoomba Street. It did mean we had to resort to plan B, a much smaller and less powerful hand held speaker which struggled in the noisy surroundings to broadcast the wonderful ABC theme music to a very receptive crowd. We did have the music in the stall however. [click to continue…]

1QD_05-IMG_2599_SnapseedQDDay One saw reports from the NSW Branch office bearers and from Branch representatives on branch activities for the upcoming election.
Ranald Macdonald, National Campaign Manager, spoke about the national campaign and the aim to use humour as a selling point in the video ads.
He also mentioned the recent video on Facebook has had 500,000 views.
Quentin Dempster spoke about ‘What we have lost, what we may lose’. A death by a thousand cuts leading to lack of breadth and diversity. And he credited previous MD Mark Scott in his dealings with a difficult Board and politicians. [click to continue…]


All known candidates for Macquarie, along with senate candidates from the major parties were invited to ABC Friends Blue Mountains Meet the Candidate Forum, held on Saturday May 21st. We were joined by Susan Templeman, Labor candidate, Terry Morgan Greens candidate Hal Ginges, Animal Liberation Party and Senator Doug Cameron, Labor senate candidate for NSW.
We had a full house of around one hundred. Blue Mountains residents grilled the candidates on a variety of issues and the forum could easily have run longer.
Each candidate gave a five minute opening address and all focused on the importance of the ABC as our independent, publicly funded source of news, current affairs and also entertainment. [click to continue…]